Frequently asked questions

What is a track day?

A track day is an event allowing you to drive on track in your own car or a hired, track prepared car in a controlled, risk managed setting.

I don't have any motorsport experience, is that a problem?

No, not at all. Track days are for everyone as long as you have a full road driving licence. Our driver coaches are there to help you to get comfortable and adjust to being on track. Certain events also cater for the new driver and have specific dates for Novice and Road Cars only.

These events limit the level of car, the level of experience with the drivers on track and they also reduce the numbers of cars out at once. This way you will be with drivers and cars of a similar level to each other.

How old do I need to be?

You need to be over the age of 18 with a full manual licence to participate in a track day. Passengers need to be at least 16 years old.

What do I need to bring?

As part of your package we will arrange everything for you! All you need to do is bring your driving licence. If you have a helmet, bring it along, if not, you can use one of ours. Please make sure to wear comfortable clothes and keep your arms and legs covered when in car, thin soled shoes are recommended

What is included in the cost?

- Exclusive use of your chosen car(s) for the day - Coaching from a professional Grade A or B ARDS driver coach - Data and video analysis with driver coach to work on driving technique and ability - Insurance (excess applies) - Racewear - helmet & balaclava (if required) - Unlimited track time (allowing the car(s) time to cool between sessions) - All track fees - Fuel, tyres & all consumables

What happens in the event of an incident?

As with any form of motorsport, track days do carry a degree of risk and unfortunately incidents do happen.

We minimise the chance of things going wrong by providing you with a car that has been prepared and checked over for your session and an instructor to make sure you can handle being on track. However we cannot factor in for driver error or an incident between two cars which is very rare.

You will be fully briefed by the organisers of the track with regards to what happens in the eventuality of an incident. Every circuit has qualified marshals and a medical team with full medical support are always present on track in the event that someone has been injured.

Track days are there for you to enjoy with fellow like minded petrolheads. Give respect on track to each other and you will minimise the chance of anything going wrong and also drive within your limits. itʼs not a race, itʼs a fun, safe day on track.

What happens if I get black flagged on track?

You will be briefed regarding all of the flags in the drivers briefing. The marshals do not give out a black flag unless you are deemed to be driving dangerously, or there is something notably wrong with the car which they have seen whilst you are on track.

If it is to do with a mechanical defect then this will be fixed as soon as possible when the car has returned to the garage.

If in the instance the black flag is due to your erratic driving, we will be to get you to return to the pits where a marshall will explain why you have been blacked flagged and a first warning will be given. If you are then given a further black flag again for erratic or dangerous driving your session will be over.

Black flags are not there to spoil your day, there are there to protect you and other drivers from the danger of motor racing.

What happens if it rains?

Unfortunately we don’t have any control over the weather. We will always work to make sure an event goes ahead, no matter the weather. If it rains during your day, your driver coach will help you adapt to the lower grip levels.

Can I cancel my booking?

Cancellation Terms: Bookings cancelled more than 14 calendar days before the event will be entitled to a refund minus a 10% administration charge. Bookings cancelled between 3 and 14 calendar days before the event will be entitled to a refund minus a 25% administration charge. Bookings cancelled less than 3 days before the event are not entitled to any refund unless the booking can be re-sold, in which case you will receive a credit for the full amount paid minus a 25% administration charge.

Does everyone get equal time in the car?

We will arrange a timetable in advance for your day, however it tends to change on the day as people will drop out of a session for either being tired, wanting a drink break etc.

Please request a timetable when making the booking and we will discuss time options for each driver.

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