our story

Vertex Experience is run by drivers, for drivers. We love getting on track just as much as you do, nothing compares to the thrill of driving on the limit.

The story starts when our co-founders were discussing the world of track days, and how there can be a huge barrier to entry if you don't know where to start.


Piecing every part of a day together (track fees, sourcing and transporting a car, fuel, insurance, driver coach etc), can be a tedious job. That's why Vertex Experience was born, to enable anyone to get on track in the car of their dreams, with a booking process that is no longer or more complicated than ordering a takeaway!

With Vertex Experience, you don't need to sink money into your own car to enjoy the thrill of track driving. You don't have to worry about maintenance costs, finding parts or late nights preparing and packing.

Get on track in a few clicks, choose your track, pick your options and book. We'll handle the rest.

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